Use the world's leading software for transport damage documentation to work faster and more effectively

Quick and easy collection of all data

With the XP Work app, your employees record all relevant information on site in the event of transport damage.
Use the barcode scanner in the app to scan the tracking number. It makes the process even faster and error free.

In the last field you describe, what the damage is. Make a note of the truck registration number and the name of the transport company.

Create proof of damage more easily

The XP Work app has this important security function: Only photos that were taken live with the app are included in the damage record. It is not possible to include photos from the device memory in the documentation.

How do you match the claim form with the photos from the camera?

How do you transfer all the important data to your computer?

Where on your computer do you put the data so everyone can find and view it?

Document your shipping damage with the XP Work App and save a lot of time! With XP Work App you create a single digital damage report including photos and signatures in less than 60 seconds.

Two signatures

Space for the signature of the recipient and the driver on the entire display.
There is also a name field at the top that must be completed. So you always know who signed it.
Only the XP Work app has a second signature field for the driver confirmation.

Report automatically secured in the cloud

The damage report created on your smartphone is immediately transferred to the XP cloud. The app user can also view their reports on the device.

In the XP cloud, the report is available 20 seconds later. No more passing on paper. Even if the claims department is at a different address, they can start working immediately.


Your advantages:

  1. Having a system that specifically performs a single task will help you get more organized. When every employee knows how to proceed, fewer mistakes happen.
  2. We understand that many employees get frustrated when they have to use software that is too complicated and therefore still prefer to work with paper. But your employees will love XP Work App because it’s as easy as working with paper only much better.
  3. You can start immediately without programming and without a complicated connection to existing software.
  4. Test our XP Work App System for free, no credit card or bank details required. Click here to you see how easy it works
  5. This app software system creates transport damage logs for every company, warehouse or shipping company that no longer wants to combine photos and paper by hand.
  6. No filing of paper reports and no storage of file folders are 2 benefits that will save money immediately!
  7. With XP Work’s cloud feature, you’ll receive the reports created on the smartphone directly to your desk. The time you’ll save by not having to chase after each report will definitely make your workday easier.   
  8. You use the XP Work app and receive a clear PDF document with photos, signature and damage information on a single page in less than 60 seconds.