How can I start with XP Work App?

Step 1) We setup your free test account, please click here:

Step 2) You will receive all important data from us by email within 24 hours. The functions of the test account are identical to the XP Work full version. Only the number of devices that you can connect to the cloud is limited to 1 device in the trial version.

After receiving your passwords, first log into the XP cloud.   https://xpwork.app/public/ Go to Settings and write down the smartphone connection code.

Step 3) Download the XP Business app to your smartphone now. When the app is installed, click on CREATE NEW ACCOUNT and enter the company data. Each email address can only be used once. So you cannot re-enter the e-mail address that you used for the XP Cloud. Enter the smartphone connection code in the last field when registering for the app. Then please confirm our e-mail to use the app.

Step 4) Start the XP Business app on the smartphone. After logging in, first click on Settings at the bottom right and then on the first point at the top Change language, to selcet the language you need. Click Settings again in the lower right corner, scroll down and click Other Settings. Functions 2 and 3 must be switched on. The report name is inserted last. Click Settings in the lower right again, then All Report Name. Press the pen and change the name to: transport damage report. Of course, you can also use a different report name if you want. This completes the setup on the smartphone.

Step 5) Now create the first transport damage documentation on your smartphone. Click on START NEW JOB.

The address and company name under which the damage was recorded are mandatory. In the first empty field you can enter the tracking number and the name of the transport company that is delivering the damaged items. In the second empty field, a description of what is damaged in the shipment.

Skip the checklist function, then take the photo of the damage. To do this, click on the + in the gray field. The first signature page follows, here the warehouse employee signs. The carrier’s driver signs on the second signature page and the name is also entered in the clear name field at the top.

The app will now show you the start and end times again. We recommend that you do not go below a period of 5 minutes. Complete the process by clicking on Save PDF at the bottom left. The app automatically returns to the start page. If you click on PDF below and then on Work Report, you can view the report you just created on your smartphone.

Use the AWB Number as file name

You can give a file name to every PDF you create on your smartphone. You can enter this in the first field in the app. If you choose a meaningful name, the document will be easier to find later in the XP cloud. If you work with waybill numbers, you can scan the barcode with the number and it will be displayed next to the barcode scanner symbol and in the first field as a file name.

View the damage report in the XP cloud

Log into the XP cloud. https://xpwork.app/public/

Click Work Report. Here you can find all the reports generated by the smartphones. You can sort by date or display reports sorted by employee. The XP Work app system has an important security function here: if the smartphone user deletes the report on their device, the report remains in the cloud. If the reports are deleted in the cloud, they remain in the trash for 90 days.